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Scared, scarred and starved in Calais - the refugees locked out by Britain's borders

Hundreds of migrants queue to receive their only meal a day

In 2007 and 2009 Socialist Worker reported from makeshift camps in northern France where migrants survived in squalor. Now, as calls for another crackdown grow, Dave Sewell and Guy Smallman return to meet the new victims of racist border controls

Build TUC 18 October protests and boost class confidence

This autumn’s mass demonstrations against austerity on 18 October are now just four weeks away. They will come just days after huge public sector strikes.

Motley mutinies, popular pirates and slave revolts at sea

Historian Marcus Rediker spoke to Ken Olende about the struggles that took place aboard the ships of early capitalism

US missiles will worsen Iraq crisis

The US started a new bombing campaign in Iraq this week. It no longer claims to be carrying out a humanitarian mission. 


Why Britain's bosses fear an independence vote in Scotland

Sections of our ruling class are being driven wild by the opinion polls on the Scottish referendum. Apparently if a small country on the edge of Europe votes for independence, civilisation as we know it is over. 

Far right threat looms over Europe as its economy stagnates

Panos Garganas argues that fighting the fascist Golden Dawn in Greece must go hand in hand with fighting against austerity

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